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Original Hawaiian Artwork, fresh from the island of Maui

John Hall's paintings remind us of the enchanting sensations found in the beauty of nature. The array of colors in the floral and green botanical landscapes are brought together in a way that will brighten and uplift the spirits of any room in your home or business.

Some featured Hawaiian Nature and Landscape Art:

Cane Workers

This oil on canvas evokes a journey back in time to a by gone era - where old Hawaii seemed new, and was richly saturated in a diverse melting pot of culture whose roots were buried deep in the sugarcane fields of yesteryear. Today sugarcane workers can still be seen tending their crops, under a vibrant Maui sky.

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Proteas on Blue

The vivid colors of the flowers standing out over the crisp blue background in this piece opens a window to another land. Proteas, a unique flower popularly grown in the upcountry area of Maui - feature them off in your home.

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Maui Enchanting Gardens

From Upcountry Maui, nestled in the foothills of the dormant volcano Haleakala, take in the breathtaking views that stretch from Haleakala all the way to the south shore of Maui - where flower gardens seem to go on forever, then faintly give way to the azure pacific beyond.

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The Red Field

Hawaii boiled forth from the depths of the sea in the form of red hot lava to create the beautiful island chain that we know and love today. In its infancy, Hawaiian folklore dictated the lifestyle of the native people and the story of 'Maui The Demi God' conjured up passion and fire from deep within. Reawaken the senses with the raw energy of this Maui sunset, contrasted by the soft white new life of flowering fields at full bloom.

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Maui Bromeleids in full bloom. A very organic look that jumps out at you and pulls you into the lushness and vibrancy of the Hawaiian rain forest.

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Featured Japanese Garden and Koi Paintings:


Feeding Time. This one gives a very good sense of movement and fluid action. A wide variety of colors and patterns capture the eye and leave a lasting impression.

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Koi and Goldfish

More subtle in movement, the blue colors and the expression of the fish give a feeling of tranquility.

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Koi 1

Crisp detail in the fish, yet done in the impressionist style of capturing the color, light, and movement and bringing it all together.

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Koi 2

More Abstract , the emphasis of this Koi painting is on the movement and color.

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Japanese Water Garden

Sit still. Meditate. Breathe deeply the crisp, refreshing air of your own secluded sanctuary – a Japanese Water Garden. Bamboo shooting forth from a pond brimming with life, paired against the reflection of clouds dancing on the waters surface. Relaxed but not submissive, this masterpiece indulges in nature’s richest hues.

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All paintings are available as limited edition, high-quality Giclee prints.

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