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One of Hawaiis most inspirational artists is John Hall. The sheer intensity of his work has earned him universal appeal with shows in Hawaii, California, and New York.

Being a classic expressionist, John uses movement, color, and texture to create an emotional response and a lasting impression. Strong composition, bold brush strokes, and vibrant colors are the three dynamics that result in the intensely expressive movement that is John's trademark. "When I experience nature it moves me, and that movement is what I try to capture in my paintings."

John's first choice of media was pen and ink; with invitational exhibits starting at the age of five. His illustrative or fantasy type work, though rewarding, was too disciplined and restrictive. Oils have provided him with the color, flexibility, and freedom he was longing for.

Although impressionism was the springboard for John's professional career, he quickly came to the realization that he was too emotionally involved to just study light. "I need to not only record my impression of my subject, but also the way I feel about that impression. To capture the moment visually and emotionally is the ultimate goal of my work."

Entirely self-taught, John's unique style has attracted a following of collectors nationwide. The process of painting from the initial discovery of the subject to the final brush stroke is very important and rewarding experience for me. "I feel very fortunate to be able to express myself this way and to be able to share this experience with others."

Contact us at info@jhltd.net . 808-280-4654